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A Pest Control Bangalore Company You Can Trust

Pest Control Bangalore .in is a team of pest control professionals with perfection -run company. The faces you see on our site are the same people who you’ll be dealing with – we never sub out our work, we’re all part of one team united by people-first values and a dedication to getting the pest control job done 100% in time.

This means that we don’t just tick boxes and take photos, we talk to you so that we can understand everything you’ve experienced with the infestation so we can tailor our treatment around you.

Being a born and bred Bangalore company means that we’ve seen every type of pest in every type of property for every type of client. From commercial places to council flats, from independent houses, if someone’s made it a home, we’ve made it pest-free.

Extermination, Cleaning and Control – All Under One Roof

Discreet pest control is one face of Pest Control Bangalore .in, the other is property services. This means that we can go to any lengths to find, kill and repel pests in your home while still treating it with the care that it deserves.

If you need cleaning services, we have general cleaning that will replace them stinky -free; if you need kitchen units removed, our cleaning unite will deep clean your kitchen and pest control as a combo pack  — or better. Cleaning team, deep cleaning experts , bathroom and floor deep cleaning . You won’t have to hire four or five different people to get a complete service, we do it all under one roof, in one contract, for one price.

Emergency Pest Control – Bangalore

We offer same-day pest control treatments for emergency situations in your home or business. If you spot a bed bugs, we can arrang our bed bugs control Technion immediately.

We also offer overnight ‘Restaurant Pest Control’ treatments for cockroach, general pest control and bed bugs control removals using spray treatment. Those have an immediate effect in reducing infestation levels. And are particularly useful for hotel businesses.


Whatever part of the city is yours; pest control services Bangalore will keep it pest-free

Pests don’t discriminate, so neither do we. Our pest control technicians work in every corner of Bangalore, from mansions to council flats, from local markets to luxury boutiques. No matter where you live in Bangalore or your scale of business, our promise remains the same: you’ll be pest-free and stay that way.

Pest Control Near Me – Nagavara Bangalore

So if mice are driving or mad or moths are munching your clothes, if cockroach are ruining your kitchen or bed bugs are bleeding you dry, call Pest Control Bangalore now or request your call back for the best pest control in Bangalore.

Business Pest Control in Nagavara – Bangalore

If you run a business, you can’t afford for pests to show up before you take action. Mice scurrying through a restaurant or bedbugs biting in a hotel can repel customers and ruin your reputation.

Integrated Pest Management is a long-term, preventative service that identifies and resolves risks of pests throughout your sites and operations with regular, scheduled visits from your pest control experts.

We train your staff, monitor your waste management, inspect your deliveries, proof your properties and do whatever else it takes to keep your business pest-free, year-round.


Pest Control Bangalore Experts – Nagavara

Proper pest control requires real detective work: it’s no good just to identify the pest issue, we also need to figure out how they snuck into your home and how they’ve survived and thrived. Our pest control technician team equipped with latest pest control methods and techniques to remove unwanted pest immediately.

Pest controllers need to know what they’re dealing with before they get to work, and you need to know what work we’re going to do before you pay us. That’s why we provide every customer with a free quote from one of our operation team member, so that you’re fully informed from minute one.

Pest Control in Bangalore, by Bangalorean, for Bangaloreans

This is a diverse and thriving city for people, and equally diverse and thriving in pests. cockroach and bed bugs, ants and termite, house fly and general pest control — pest controlling and pest removals in Bangalore need to be prepared for anything, anywhere.

After over One decades as dedicated vermin exterminators, you’d think we’ve seen it all, but we keep encountering new challenges, from luxury villas to small independent house in Bangalore. What separates us from the countless other pest control companies in Bangalore is that we’re always prepared for what the city throws at us, and always get results.

Pest Control Services in Your Area – Nagavara & Around. 



Cockroach Pest Control Services Bangalore

Cockroaches cram their nests in cracks and crevices and only come out at night, so by the time you’ve seen one, there could be a whole hidden family of filth-spreading insects.

These stubborn, sneaky pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of in Bangalore, but with our specialist insecticides and trained eyes, we can eradicate roaches no matter where they hide.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs control bangalore bed bugs pest 

No infestation is more upsetting than bed bugs. These sneaky, microscopic biters infest furniture so deeply that often the only option is to throw it away.

You can’t compromise on bed bug removal; leave just a few eggs and they could spread again. Over three visits using both fumigation and direct application of pesticides, we will wipe out bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle.


Who hasn’t seen a mouse in Bangalore? These tiny, rapid-breeding pests are just as at home in our Victorian buildings and bustling businesses as we are.

If mice found their way into your property once, they can do it again. That’s why we don’t just exterminate mice, we provide thorough proofing to stop them ever coming back.


Rats thrive in our vast sewers, creeping into our homes and businesses to steal food, damage property and spread disease.

Every rat sighting is an emergency. Our rat-catching dogs will quickly dispatch any live rats in your property, while our trapping and proofing service will make sure you never see another.


Clothes moths are a growing plague in Bangalore, leaving clothes, carpets and furniture in tatters as their larvae chew through our natural fabrics.

DIY moth treatment is barely effective, and many moth “killers” found online are a scam. The only solution is thorough extermination of all eggs, larvae and adults throughout the property.


From the common black garden ant to their newly introduced exotic cousins, ants are Bangalore’s most widespread nuisance pest.

Ants breed faster than you can kill them. The only way to get rid of ants for good is to find and destroy their nest and the egg-laying queen within – a job best left to the experts.



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