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Introduction to Pest Control Bangalore

Our BackGround Story

Pest Control Bangalore is a professional pest control team that provides some of the best pest control services in Bangalore. Founded in 2014, Pest Control Bangalore is a company which was started completely from scratch. One of the biggest problems with pest control in the Bangalore city is the use of ineffective pest control solutions that are very harmful for the environment and human. 

Synthetic pest removal products for pest control have been harming the environment for a very long time now. The problem comes from the lack of knowledge & time. People want to eliminate every pest with a single pest spray solution for everything in Bangalore. The result of this is an effective removal of all pests infestation but it comes at a price.

Synthetic chemical products contain worst toxins that are not just harmful for pests but for human as well. They are known to cause several health problems for people upon exposure to them.


Pest Control Bangalore Team were all extensively experienced in pest control at Bangalore and around areas. We had previously been working for a major commercial and residential infestation removal in Bangalore. After observing the problematic methods for years, our team decided to implement non synthetic pest removal methods to keep environment and surrounding toxin free.

Pest Control Bangalore was founded on the principle of providing customers with better services. The founders wanted to make sure that the customers are able to avail effective pest control services. Additionally, Pest Control Bangalore is focused on providing environmentally friendly pest control solutions. It gets even better. The Team also wanted to make safe pest control service that brings 100% effective pest control infestation removals in minimal time. This is why the services offered by Pest Control Bangalore is also a lot more affordable than traditional companies.

The main increased focus on customer service along with eco-environment friendly pest control solution is what sets us apart from the competition.

We have grown a lot as a company from when we started off. Over the years, we have added more specialized services to cater to all the possible needs of our customers. The aspect of TAP insulation and Cockroach and General infestation Prevention Treatments are only two of the Professional services we have added over the years. Throughout the years we have focused on fine tuning our methods. This is what has allowed us to become better and better at what we do so that our customers are always happy and safe from infestations.

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Integrated Pest Management - IPM in Bangalore

Integrated Pest Management is a technique or methods used by nontoxic pest control products in companies. It is a process for pest control which is system on monitoring, prevention and control of a pest infestations. This provides Pest Control Bangalore to substantially reduce or thoroughly eliminate the need to use pesticides. The effect & result of Integrated Pest Management is less exposure to pest control products. It also minimizes the number of products that need to be used by 90 percent.

Pest Control Bangalore – IPM different technique and methods. This includes

For the control of pest infestations. While IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is used more and more commonly. 

Not every company using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is engage environmentally friendly solutions. There are a lot of companies which use synthetic pesticides products under the guise of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and you would do well to stay away from those companies.

Organizational strategies

systematic organized process involved in element infestation

Cultural strategies

Cultural Pest management know as ecological methods based on habitat and agro ecosystem on which the pests thrive

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Biological strategies

Biological pest control is a method of maintaining pest populations below damaging levels by using living organisms instead of relying completely on chemicals

Chemical strategies

Pests are controlled by using chemical pesticides. insecticides to control insects, fungicides to fungus. miticides to mites, herbicides to weeds rodenticides to rodent molluscicides to molluscs

Pest Control Management Bangalore

Why Choose Pest Control Bangalore ?​

There are a lot of cause why Pest Control Bangalore IPM-Integrated Pest Management is more effective at pest control in Bangalore. regular methods of pest control just focus on spraying the pests without remorse or consideration. It is purely done to eliminate the present infestation immediate threat. Integrated Pest Management is more organized. The technicians from Pest Control Bangalore inspect the area with examine the situation. We make sure that we find out where they are infestation entering your home and where the source of the other related infestation is.


Using our experience and knowledge that we have of pest behaviour, we target our approach and methods to pest management more 100% effectively. We do not just make sure that the pests inside the place are removed, we also make sure they will not come around again. Pest Control Bangalore does not provide just temporary treatments, it provides long term effective 100% solutions. Satisfied happy customers are what we want. There is no better way to achieve that than by providing our customers with pest infestation free lives.


Our story

Eco-SMART Technologies

Service in

Another important thing to note is that we use Eco-SMART Technologies at our company. Eco-SMART is the best Team in the Bangalore when it comes to providing environmentally safe pesticide service & solutions. All the products that they use are either completely safe or minimally harmful for the environment and health.

With over a decade of experience, we have come a long way in producing 100% safe & effective sourced pesticides. The main components of their pesticides are essential branded certified. These are completely eco-friendly products. Eco-SMART Technologies extracts them to make specialized services. The essential oils specifically target insects through their neurotransmitters.

The result is an effective elimination of insects. The best thing about Eco-SMART Technologies is that we do not have to use a lot of it because we use it in the Integrated Pest Management approach in Bangalore. The amount that we do use is able to break down very soon. This means that the eco-friendly nontoxic pesticides we use at Pest Control Bangalore are only going to be there until the work is done. They will not be a issue beyond that.

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Expert Pest Control Technicians

Expert Pest Control Technicians – Pest Control Bangalore

All the technicians we have working at Pest Control Bangalore are trained professional, they are dependable and get the best training available. They will provide you the best infestation removal after thoroughly examining the problem. You will find that Pest Control Bangalore makes your life easier by customize the pest control services for your convenience. We are going to provide you the service you need based on your day and schedule, needs and concerns.

It is almost non-essential to say, but we will anyway. Pest Control Bangalore services are protected with services warranty. Once we have taken on the charge on pest infestation removals, you can expect to be completely pest freedom. If there is a re-infestation problem after we are done, we will come back for free again and again until the problem is resolved under the warranty period.

The Amount for our services will be precise and transparent. There are no hidden charges or any kind of pressure from us.

There is a reason why we have loyal clients. The pest removals services we provide make their lives pest free for years. If something arises again, they know who will do a good better job. Feel free to contact us for more information on the best pest control services in and around Bangalore.

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